Moving to East Texas

Find out more about Tyler and Longview Texas' many great attractions.

Moving to Tyler, Texas

We can’t help but brag about getting to serve in Tyler, Texas, the rose of East Texas. Tyler culture accommodates everyone from the Millennial to the retiree, in fact Tyler is featured as one of the top 5 retirement destinations in the state of Texas.

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Follow your dreams in Tyler

The food, the atmosphere, condo properties… the list GOES ON! Uncover all the amazing things you can experience in Tyler, Texas.

Tyler, Texas is filled with amazing attractions and recreation areas for all ages. Some of Tyler’s most popular attractions and recreation areas are the Caldwell Zoo, Tyler State Park, the Discovery Science Place, and the Chamblee’s Rose Nursery. These are just a few of Tyler’s treasures though! Tyler is filled with so much more to see and do that it’s guaranteed to keep you and your family active.

The housing opportunities in Tyler, Texas are filled with variety. Tyler has a vast array of multiple-family houses, single-family houses, townhomes, and much more. Tyler Texas has houses that give the impression of living in the country with still being close to town or beautiful subdivisions to help you find new families just like yours!

Tyler, Texas is filled with fine dining and shopping options! If you’re looking for fine dining to celebrate your move with the family then head over to Dakotas. If you’re looking for live music and good drinks, then head over to The Grove Kitchen & Gardens. You’ll have plenty of coffee shop options, breweries to tour, and boutiques to shop at in Tyler, Texas.

Tyler, Texas is home for a variety of top-notch schools. Not only does it have great elementary to high school education opportunities, but it is also home to The University of Texas at Tyler. UT Tyler has leading programs in nursing, business, engineering, arts and sciences, pharmacy, pre-med and teacher education. Your child is set up for success when it comes to education in Tyler Texas.

The community in Tyler, Texas is filled with unity, compassion for one another, and opportunities to get involved. Tyler’s community works hard to make sure the community has opportunities to celebrate life together, support local businesses, and give back to their community.
Learn about moving to Longview, Texas

Moving to Longview, TX

Longview, Texas is Racer’s hometown city and holds a special place in his heart. Longview is also the hometown of celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey and Neal McCoy. When the summer heats up, the people of Longview head out to the Great Texas Balloon Race. Feel hungry? Stop by the legendary Bodacious BBQ!

Let us show you around and find the perfect home for you in Longview.

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