Relocating from California to Texas

Welcome to Texas

Are you thinking of moving from California to Texas?

Many people are moving from California to Texas each month. And we get why, Texas is a great place, especially East Texas! Where the people are sweet, and the tea is even sweeter, where country living is still close to town, warm climates and Lots of Trees, and rolling hills.

If you’re one of many people looking to relocate to Texas, we know what you’re probably thinking… Where are the people like? What’s the weather like? What do I need to know? What do I need to do?

We’ll tell you EVERYTHING you need to know to prepare yourself and your family for the big move!

Property Values

If you are looking to sell the house you currently own in California, you can expect to get a lot more house or land for your money in Texas. The average lot size in Texas is going to be about .08 acres, that’s almost an acre of land in a residential neighborhood! For example, a recent client of ours sold their home in California for $350,000, in a neighborhood where houses were side-by-side and bought 20 acres and an 1,800 sq. ft. house with a farm area for the same price.

Cost of Living

There are many reasons to move from California to Texas! One of the biggest draws to Texas for those currently living in California is that Texas has no state income tax. Along with this, the cost of living in Texas is a lot lower than California. Below are a few comparisons between Texas living and California living to help verify your decision.

State Income Tax

Sales Tax

Home Buying Cost Comparison

Poverty Rate

Landscape & Climate

Texas, being the large state that it is, has different weather and climates based on which area of Texas you live. However, Texas’s climate overall is subtropical with an average summer temperature ranging from 80° to 100°F. The winter weather is mild and typically not snowy. Overall, you can expect sunny days as an average!

With Texas being so large you are able to have a variety of options with what type of landscape you want to be around. Texas can be filled with trees that go for miles on end in the sky, filled with skyscrapers that provides a beautiful city view, open plain fields that allows you to see for miles ahead of you, or hills country where you get to experience beautiful drives every day. When it comes to landscape here in Texas, the world is your oyster!

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